Labour Bag Must-Haves

There are SO many list’s that you can find online or even in pregnancy books about the most important things that you should bring to the hospital, but most of them don’t seem to include the extra comfort you might want for during your labour.


Some families don’t seem to bring enough for their stay and others arrive with huge suitcases full of things. It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you need or want to bring.

Something that I have learned over the past months is that it is very important to feel comfortable in this new space you are walking into to give birth.

S​​o here are some things that I found were important to bring for your childbirth and hospital stay:

  • Things that makes you feel at home. Hospitals always seem to look cold and sterile so bringing things that make you feel more comfortable and “homey” can help you relax in the process of labour.


  • Affirmations. Sometimes labour can leave you feeling frustrated or scared about the unknown and you need to put back some trust in yourself, body and baby. Affirmations can do that for you, but it is important to remember to adjust to new challenges as labour progresses. (I got some great ones waiting on my Pinterest page for you!)


  • Pictures of family, friends or even pets. Like mentioned above, bringing the comfort of your home with you can help you relax and feel comfortable. The same can pictures do for you. Think of all the lovely faces and people that are mentally supporting and thinking of you while you tackle this life changing and intimate journey.


  • Lip balm. It can get incredibly dry in the hospital, having a lip balm handy will be your life safer!


  • Hair ties/bands. Believe me, if you have long hair or bangs you want them out of your face and to not annoy you.


  • Snacks! Believe it or not, but going through labour is work and you need to stay nourished during this progress. Bring some snacks to keep you fed.
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  • Dress/Shirt to wear during labour. Labour can be a lot of work and being comfortable during this stage is important, make sure to wear something that can get dirty and sweaty.


  • Fluffy socks. I am a big suck up for fluffy socks and they feel amazing once you birthed your baby. Bonus, they keep your feet warm on the cold hospital floor.


  • Things that entertain (books, games etc). Sometimes it takes some time until labour progresses, so it’s nice to take your mind off the wait and have a fun game with your spouse (or doula!), enjoy this time before baby arrives.


  • Music. 
    photography of woman listening to music

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    Having an enjoyable atmosphere while listening to music and maybe dancing around can help for you to be more relaxed and pass some time. Have a fun dance party!


  • Pillows. I can’t say this enough. Most hospital pillows are the worst… Add extra comfort in bringing your own and maybe a spare so once your baby arrives you can use it to help you breastfeed and you are not thinking that your arms may fall off from holding your precious angel.


  • Your Doula. She will help you through contractions, keep you entertained and may even dance with you and helps you have fun in the delivery room! Whatever helps you birth your baby, she will help you and your spouse through this journey.


Labour Must-Haves


Do you want to know more tips? Send me a message!

 Lots of love from your Doula, Denise 

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