Family Photos can boost your self-esteem

Did you know that when your baby is born, that they have a poor eyesight?!
A baby usually can only see objects that are about 8-10 inches away which is about the same distance as from their face to their mothers face while breastfeeding.
This has something to do with their eyes and visual system not being fully developed at the time of birth and results in babies making a sense out of the world based on faces and facial reactions because from early on that’s all they could see!
In the scientific world we have learned that when humans watch someone doing an activity (or anything for that matter) that the neurons in our brain activate by those actions. These are called mirror neurons and they help us in reading people and develop empathy.
Now what does all this have to do with how photography boosts ones self esteem?
Our brains have more brain cells dedicated to vision than to all our other senses combined and because of that images are a powerful tool to reinforcing someones sense of belonging. It is particular important for children!
They learn about their identity, about who they are and where they fit, this gives them a sense of comfort and reassurance. When children are seeing themselves in pictures or in family pictures on the wall they see themselves as a valued and important part of their own family. They learn about the uniqueness of their own family, their stories and feel belonging.
Each picture we or a photographer takes tells a story, holds a memory and makes a moment stop in time. It is like a little treasure we get to hold on our walls and look back at throughout time. Seeing pictures on the walls on an everyday basis gives us a sense of reassurance and comfort.
This is why family photos are one important part in our lives and why we should go splurge once in a while on hiring a professional in taking those precious pictures.
One reason I would like to introduce you to Jess from Jess DeWit Photography is that she is one wonderfully talented woman, that i get to work together with!
Since my own daughter was born i hired Jess a few times, to capture special moments for us to memorize and hold dear! I am not surprised that she exceeded my expectations and that i could fully trust her in this experience.
Jess DeWit
Jess took some amazing pictures and captured my beautiful daughter. Besides having wonderful pictures to look back at, it was absolutely wonderful to meet Jess!
We have so much fun and laughter every time we meet her. She is the mother of 4 children herself and as i just found out myself she is a teacher as well, which gives her a wonderful foundation in how to engage and interact with kids while she is taking your family pictures.
Jess has a lovely acreage just in Thorsby and can take your pictures outside on the beautiful property or inside in her little studio ( Click here and take a tour).
If you decide to hire Jess to capture your special moments be prepared to have a wonderful time, because you can just feel how much she enjoys taking pictures.

Lots of love from your Doula, Denise 

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