Tips to get you through the holidays

It is finally here, the christmas holiday season.

It is time for present shopping, decorating, holiday parties, baking and entertaining guests in your spotless clean home since you just did a full on “spring clean” to impress. The list could go on and on….

As much as we love and enjoy this so called favourite time of the year it is also one of the most stressful and depressing times, which is why I was inspired to write this blog for a few tips on getting you through the holidays and hopefully avoid being stressed or getting depressed.

Stick to a budget:

It’s the time of buying gifts, buying lots of food and even decoration. It is important to stick to a budget to help you avoid spending too much money and staying realistic on what you can afford.B

*Top tip: shop in advance. Some people shop already month’s in advance, that takes a huge rock of their shoulders and help them enjoy the holiday season even more knowing everything has already been taken care of.*

Learn to say no:

It is okay to not participate in every activity or project during the holidays, friends and co-workers will understand. So don’t overbook yourself when you should be taking a break.

Take a break:

Remember how I am constantly mentioning self-care? It is incredibly important for you to recharge and take a break every so often. Take a moment to read a book, do some colouring or just sit and have a cup of tea/coffee. You can reduce stress and clear your mind.

Set aside differences:

Especially at this time a year were everyone feels the stress of the holiday season try to give up grievances and expectations. We should all be celebrating together and enjoy each other’s company. You need to have a discussion? Maybe wait for a more appropriate time after christmas.

Don’t abandon healthy habits:

During the holidays we are often tempted by all the delicious cookies and cakes around us and offered in everyones home. Try not to overindulge as it can add to your guilt and stress.

You can try having healthy snacks before you head to parties, drink plenty of water and even still build in a daily walk!

Plan ahead:

Organize as much as you can beforehand, it will give you some time to plan in some self-care time too and gives you a little bit of a schedule knowing what is happening.

Of course it is also important to help your children in reducing stress and anxiety during the holiday season:

Stick to routines:

Try and stick to daily routines as well as bedtime routines as much as possible, maintaining consistency is important for our little ones.

Give them a heads up:

Giving your littles a bit of a schedule so they know what is planned in advance can help them adjust for the holidays.

Schedule down time:

Just like us they need some self-care time. to avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. 

Let them vent:

Holiday season and family can be stressful not only for you but also your children. Give them the chance to come to you to talk, write or draw about it.

Take care of yourself:

Managing your own stress can reduce your child’s stress. Children often look at their parents for cues on their behaviour

Lots of love from your Doula, Denise 

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