Pain in Childbirth

A lot of women are afraid of the pain during labour, but today I am talking to you about it’s importance during childbirth! 

I want you to know that the pain we perceive during childbirth is different to every person and can not be compared to other ones experience. 

The pain we experience is a working effort and it can guide the birth process. If we “listen” to our bodies and where we experience the pain it can give us indication of where we may need to move and use comfort measures. 

The important part I learned as a Doula and Mother myself is that PAIN is really just an indicator of what is happening in your body, so knowing what is going on in your body can release tension and fear.

Let’s talk a bit more about where some of the pain is actually coming from during childbirth.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I always wondered what contractions felt like, how painful they were or even if I will be able to manage the pain that comes with them.

These same questions are always asked by many first time mothers and yet we always seem to get the worst responses.

Every time I asked the question I got the typical response “Oh! You will know!”…. Gosh that was helpful of people… and I hated it.

So let me tell you a bit more:

Early labour pains can feel like menstrual pains, cramps or even back pains. They usually increase in duration and frequency as labour progresses. 

The difficulty with describing contractions is that every women feels them differently but here is what happens in your body:

The uterus is a muscle which squeezes over many hours and it’s intensity increases.

During a contraction there are many things that happen at the same time like cervical stretching and pressure on the nerves or distension of the pelvic floor muscles and perineum (of course there is more to it but I try to keep it a little short for you).

Overall contractions help guide your baby out of your body and to give birth, they are very important in the labouring process.

Knowing what they can do can release tension and fear for your own experience ❤️

Lots of love from your Doula, Denise 

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