Belly Binding

The bengkung belly bind is a malaysian tradition performed with a long piece of material usually muslin, batik or light cotton wrapped from around the birthing person hips up to below the ribcage. It is worn for about 40 days postpartum and is most effective if worn for at least 12 hours at a time.

Because of the wrapping technique the bind will be perfectly fitted to your body and gives you a sense of support that can feel like a hug, which is why it can feel very comforting. It can also be easily adjusted to accommodate the mother’s shrinking belly.

Just the Binding Session:

I will be giving you One-on-One training (approx. 1 hour) and showing you how to wrap yourself.  $110

Binding Session with wrap included:

I will be giving you One-on-One training and showing you how to wrap yourself with a plain wrap included (which you can upgrade for an additional cost).  $140

Add on Binding Session:

If one session wasn’t enough or you want me to re-wrap it for you, you can add on more sessions!  Per add on $60 session


Just the wraps:

The wraps are 100% organic muslin

  • Plain Wrap                        $40
  • Batik Wrap                        $55