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I will be slowly adding herbal tea’s, bath salts and herb candles for relaxation.¬†

If you are interested in any of the products please message or email me! 

Please allow 2-4 weeks for ordering and preparation of the products, in case I get called away for clients.



Holistic Teas



Labour Tea

made with * stinging nettle * raspberry leave * lemon balm * ginger * fennel*

Labour tea can help reduce childbirth pains, helps you stay calm and increases milk production.

Small (28g) $20.00 or Regular (56g) $30.00




40815564_250082462513906_5894945065909878784_nMother’s Tea

made with * camomile * hibiscus  * rose * lavender * lemon balm*

Becoming a mother can be very stressful and leave you with anxiety.
Mother’s Tea is especially designed for new mothers to reduce stress and alleviates fear and anxiety.

Small (28g) $25.00 or Regular (56g) $35.00




40960933_529093754192003_8465316996374855680_nBreast Milk Tea

made with *fenugreek * milk thistle * raspberry leave * nettle leave * alfalfa leave*

Breast milk tea is to help new mothers with breast milk production and help feel relaxed after the stresses of childbirth.

Small (28g) $30.00 or Regular (56g) $40.00