Virtual Birth Support

Preparing for childbirth and your postpartum journey looks different now than it did for previous generations due to the current and uncertain times. It is not as simple as creating a birth plan or advocating for yourself but also finding the balance of safety and support during this current pandemic of COVID-19.

I have created virtual services for my clients (old and new) to help you prepare for your journey in becoming parents, for childbirth and your postpartum period in giving you unconditional support, answer the questions you may have, giving comfort in the knowledge I can provide and holding space for your growing family.

*** Out of safety precautions I won’t be able to attend your labour & childbirth in person which also means I won’t be able to provide physical support.

However if you wish to have support during your childbirth journey you can add on a video attendance. ***

Basic Birth Package includes:

  • Video Consultation
  • 2 Prenatal Virtual Meetings
  • Text/Email/Phone support
  • Monthly Mental Health Check-ins
  • Resources and Guidance to prepare birth preferances
  • Community Referrals

Investment $450

Add ons:

  • Additional hourly Prenatal Virtual Meetings


  • Online Childbirth Education Class


  • Newborn Care Online Workshop


  • Rock your Postpartum Online Workshop