What is a Doula?

A doula is a non-medical professional that helps people cope with major life changes. There are many different doulas in the world specializing in different life changes from pregnancy to postpartum or even infant and pregnancy loss.

How does a Birth & Postpartum Doula help families?

During the time that people become parents a doula helps adjust and ease the transition that can be overwhelming to many. A doula’s role is to empower the birthing person and their families in their journey and role as well as helping achieve a positive childbirth and postpartum experience.

A doula provides evidence based information to parents to be able to make informed decision and is providing non-judgmental support in people’s most vulnerable times.

She is not to replace anyone in your already existing support system but is an addition with valuable knowledge, training and expertise.

Judgement Free Support

Pain Management during Labour

Help Navigate Feelings And Watch For Warning Signs Of Postpartum Mood Disorders

Reassurance, Encouragement and Empowerment

Increased Bonding With Baby

Evidence Based Information and Research

Increased Breastfeeding With Prenatal And Postnatal Doula Care

What are some evidence based benefits?

9% Decreased Use Of Pain Medication

12% More Spontaneous Vaginal Births

28% Decreased Risk Of Caesarean Births

31% Less Use Of Pitocin

34% Fewer Negative Birth Experiences

40 Minutes Shorter Labours

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What is outside a doula’s scope?

A Doula does not make decisions for you. 

A Doula does not perform any clinical tasks.

A Doula does not speak to the staff on your behalf.

A Doula does not project any of her own beliefs onto your experience.